• James Allred

Physicians Reluctance to Change Clinical Workflow

In clinical practice, we physicians are subject to a onslaught of products, software, and technologies. Unfortunately, experience has shown that although these advances are promised as sources of our clinical salvation, they are more commonly sources of new headaches and frustrations.

In a recent article about physicians being reluctant to change their workflow to operate new technology for prescription price transparency, the authors at NPR found that "doctors have been slow to adopt the [point of care prescription pricing] technology, sometimes because of concerns about getting bogged down in long discussions about drug costs."

It's the belief of RxThat--and it's founding physicians--that prescription pricing should not interfere with clinical workflows. Consequently, we intentionally designed our technology to seamlessly integrate into existing practices and allow physicians to do what they do best, namely take care of their patients.

What differentiates RxThat is that it puts the patient, not the provider, in ultimate control of where electronic prescription go. That way doctors can be doctors, not prescription brokers. With RxThat patients can also take their time to review and understand the valuable information we provide them on their terms, and not in a rushed clinical encounter.

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